Assassins Creed Unity & Black Flag For £2.99

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We don’t often showcase individual items on offer, but every now and then an offer pops up on our radar that is just too good not to share with you. are currently offering both Assassins Creed Unity and Assassins Creed Black Flag for the bargain price of just £2.99 each, on Xbox One only.

That’s a whole lot cheaper than you’ll currently find them for sale anywhere else. We have no idea how long this low price will be around for and the games are currently selling on other platforms for a much higher price, so it is unfortunately limited to the Xbox One only.

If you’re not familiar with the website, they don’t actually sell you the physical game, they only sell the CD Key for the game and you have to download it yourself.

In this instance they send you the CD key that you would normally find on the back of the game booklet and then you manually download the game though Xbox Live after entering the code they send you.

It’s the same as buying a digital copy except they don’t provide the download. You just get the required key to activate the game from them which allows them to keep prices as low as possible.

If you don’t fancy either of these games or you don’t own an Xbox One check out their other offers on the website, as they always have some great deals on the latest games.

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