About Voucher Codes Optional

Voucher Codes Optional? You what now? Don’t worry, all will become clear, there’s a method to this naming madness. You see we want to be a little bit different, not your standard voucher code site. There are plenty of those out there already, we just happen to think that they’re a bit, well, boring.

Don’t get us wrong, they serve a purpose, but only one. You go there when you’re about to buy something to see if you can save some money, then you leave. They aren’t designed for you to visit at any other time.  It’s normally impossible to see what’s changed since your last visit. The home page generally looks like someone loaded up a shotgun with offers and blasted it at your screen.

We want to be different, show you another way. We don’t want to be the next generic boy band singing another cover version, we want to be They Might Be Giants singing Birdhouse in Your Soul (google it kids). We will bring you news on a daily basis, features, articles, reviews, details of great stores you may not know exist, offers to save you money. Oh, and voucher codes, if you like that sort of thing. Plus we aim to do this in our very own quirky and amusing style.

The main point is this. Most voucher code sites exist to provide voucher codes at the point of sale and offer little else for their audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve used them tons of times ourselves. It’s just not what we want to do. We want you coming back to see what’s new, what offers have been added since you were last here and to have a bit of fun reading what our talented writers have to say.

We’ll make it clear what’s been added since your last visit so you can scan through our features, offers and voucher codes and easily see all the new stuff. Pretty cool huh? And we won’t be posting every offer available so that you get lost in a sea of deals, we’ll be cherry picking the best global offers and leaving the obscure “£5 off this particular make of laptop” offers alone.

Anyway, we digress. Voucher Codes Optional, it means this…

1) You don’t (necessarily) need voucher codes to save money.

2) You don’t need to be looking for voucher codes to visit our site.

3) You don’t need to offer voucher codes to be featured on our site.

So come and join us for the ride, we hope you like the site and you’ll be back again soon.