10 Ways To Save When You Cant Find a Voucher Code

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Most people who shop online know about voucher codes and it’s normally the last thing they look for before pulling the trigger on their purchase. It’s easy to see why, you’re about to buy something, you enter a voucher code and within an instant it’s cheaper. And we all love cheaper!

But what happens when you can’t find a voucher code for the store you want to use. Most people shrug it off and go through with the purchase anyway, but before you do, make sure you follow this list of things to try first, you may not have to pay full price after all…


1. Newsletter Sign Up’s

Most stores are desperate to get their hands on your email address. They can easily add you to their mailing list and with no effort they are sending details of new products, offers and promotions straight to the inbox of somebody they already know is interested in their store. Many stores are therefore keen to offer an incentive to get you to sign up and very often provide you with a generous discount on your next purchase to sign up to their newsletter. Look for a Newsletter link in the top or side menu or the footer at the bottom of the stores website and see if you can get a discount in exchange for your email details.

2. Student Discounts 

Students are given discounts at many popular online stores, which generally range from 10% to 25%. The great thing is that this is not a one-off discount either, it is available every time you shop for the length of time that you remain a student. Also, the sign up process often allows staff involved in further education to use their Staff ID’s and take advantage of the same discounts. And of course, you don’t actually need to be a student, you just need a student to make the purchase for you. So take advantage of any friends or family who are currently studying. Some even let you sign up if you are doing online courses (even the free ones!). Check out our list of stores offering student discounts here.

3. First Order Discounts

Many stores offer discounts if it is your first time shopping at their store and you are setting up a new account. Often this will be displayed quite obviously on the site but other times you may have to look for the information in the menu’s or in the footer at the bottom of the site. Either way, if it is the first time you are using the store make sure you look out for any first order offers as they are available at many of the leading online retailers.

4. Homepage Banners/Advertisements

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people miss this. Often a retailer will display a voucher code that has not been widely shown on voucher code sites. Sometimes this is because they have not advertised the code to the affiliates and sometimes it is because it is related to a flash sale or a limited time offer to try and get you to proceed with your sale. Before committing to the full priced item, make sure you’ve checked the homepage for any voucher codes or offers shown, normally near the top of the page under the navigation menu. You may just find a code or offer that was not advertised anywhere else.

5. The Offers Tab

Similar to number 4, always make sure you have checked the offers tab on the site if they have one. These are normally found at the end of the top menu towards the right hand side and are often highlighted in red or a different colour to the rest of the tabs to stand out. You can sometimes find some voucher codes or other offers that can be used to save money here. Again, don’t assume that there are no voucher codes available just because you didn’t find any on the voucher code sites.

6. Pop-Up’s

This is another one that’s very easy to miss due to the natural way in which most people deal with annoying pop-up’s. It’s safe to say that most pop-up’s are unwanted and the instant reaction is to close it without reading. Make sure you don’t do this if you’re visiting a store where you’re looking to spend your money. Very often stores will have a pop-up detailing special offers or voucher codes that are not easily found elsewhere. Some are even triggered by moving the mouse on the page as a final attempt to try and get you to purchase something before you click out of the store. Always read  pop up’s at your favourite online stores!

7. Members Club

Similar to the newsletter sign up’s, many stores have members clubs that you sign up to to receive notifications of new products, offers and sales. These member clubs often go further than simple newsletter sign up’s, we have seen stores offer 10% off of your favourite brand (chosen by you) for as long as you are a member. Again look in the menu’s or the footer at the bottom for a link to members or something similarly named. You may be able to get a discount by signing up.

8. Recommend A Friend

Often stores will have a recommend a friend offer, another one to look out for in the menu’s or footer. If you provide the email address and contact details of your friend there will normally be a benefit for both you and your friend, often a discount for you both. If you find this offer, just enter the details of a new friend every time you shop there and keep the discounts coming.

9. Price Match

Many people are creatures of habit and will use the same few stores all the time, ignoring cheaper retailers to stick with their favourites. It’s often not worth going through the sign up procedure for a new store to save a couple of pounds, but if this is the case, check to see if your favourite store has a price match policy as they may well agree to the lower price to keep your business. Also don’t assume that this has to be a well known store. While it often is the case, I personally received a reduction of £500 on a new TV through John Lewis when they price matched an obscure looking unknown online retailer that I never would have trusted with my money. And they still gave me a five year guarantee! John Lewis are great.

10. Cash Back

If you use cash back sites regularly, you’ll already know that you can claim some of your money back after the sale has gone through, but did you know that some stores offer this themselves when they receive discounts from the manufacturer. Look out for cash back offers from your favourite retailers, often from technology stores who sell electrical products. And if you’re not already familiar with standard cash back sites be sure to check them out.

We hope you found this list useful and it gave you some new ideas about saving when you shop online. If you’ve got any great tips that we missed, feel free to contact us and let us know about it so that we can share it with everyone.


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